We proudly embrace our collaboration with "Warriors of the Divine", because We Believe in Angels. We rely on Miracles. It is our wish that every woman dress from the space of expression and celebration of herself as Divine. It is a collection designed for women whose thoughts wander off the edge of the world, this clothing is becoming recognized for its bohemian flair, with touches of both elegance and playfulness. However, the real beauty exists within the production of the clothing. The kimono’s and silks are produced by hand using ancient batik hand painting methods. The traditional process of the clothing is a ‘labor of love’ and a beautiful hand crafted journey that transcends to the wearer.

Hand painted with love..

First we draw the wings by hand, then we wax the wings by hand,
then we hang the wings for the wax to dry.
Then we paint the wings by hand. Then they are boiled and cut and sewn to turn into a beautiful magical piece for your wardrobe to be loved and treasured.
I hope you enjoy seeing how much love and care goes individually into making each piece and seeing the beautiful Balinese artisans that make our clothing.

Then once they arrive to you, I believe that they carry the energy and guidance of Archangel Gabriel and they will bring transformative energy to live your highest and most divine life. I believe these wings bring miracles to all that they touch.

We proudly produce our clothing fairly under ethical pay & working conditions in Bali, Indonesia.. because we don’t believe another human being should suffer to make you an item of clothing.
Follow the hashtag initiative #whomademyclothes. We also proudly have purpose built wells that filter and collect our dyes so that no nasties end up in the water tables and river systems. We hope to reduce even more permaculture solutions in 2021 to reduce our impact on the planet.


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