Collaboration with Desperate Design

Our new Jewelry Collection comes from the collaboration with Desperate Design, a Greek handcrafted jewelry & accessories brand. It is inspired by the amazing beauty of Morocco & Africa, the Colors, the Sun, the Tradition, the Feeling, the Aesthetic and then our love for ancient Greek culture and mythology. You will find selected pieces from the Collections A NIGHT IN MARRAKESCH, MOROCCO DESERT and MEDUSA.

According to the legend, Medusa was the most beautiful priestess in the temple of the Goddess Athena. One day the God Poseidon raped the beautiful priestess. Athena, not being able to oppose Poseidon, punished Medusa. The punishment was severe, transforming her beautiful curls into scary snakes and every human being that looked her in the eyes was dying.

This collection is inspired by the legend of Medusa and presents its form as we imagine it! The semi-precious stones are the reference to the ancient Greek marbles of the Parthenon and the shine of the jewels symbolizes the light that we all hide inside us! The light we want to dominate in all human beings.

The collection is dedicated to people who have faced any form of violence, who seek redemption of their soul, so they can find the light inside them again.

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