Tuareg compass pendant

This is a wonderful Moroccan necklace with a traditional handmade silver compass.  The Pendant is made by an ancient fascinating process “Lost wax”, using hand tools without electricity. The beads in this necklace are ancient quartz disc beads, hand drilled, they come from an African excavation site. These Moroccan ceramic beads, decorated also with  handmade old carnelian beads from the trade,  add to the pendant  magical fragrances of old civilization. It is a  lightweight necklace, comfy to wear. There are some natural inclusions and different colors visible as this is a natural organic product. The metal beads are hand made by the Tuareg in North Africa.


It is a magical, unique bohemian amulet that you are going to adore!


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Silver, metal and white stone beads

Necklace length 18″ , Pendant size 3.3″x2.5″


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