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Precious gift pack to treat and pamper yourself as you deserve with a curated selection of our handmade and natural cosmetics in the size of 10 ml. This is the perfect treat to try which ones work better on your skin or just to pack them for a sweet scape.


Our beauty oils last a long time as only 2-3 drops a day are enough to shine!


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Every gift pack contains:
Pure Argan oil with vitamin E and sandalwood nourishing, anti-wrinkle and moisturizing face oil.
Ylang yang oil with Jasmine extracts for face and body for mature and dry skin
Coconut oil for soft hair, with an exotic aroma of vanilla, neroli, sandalwood and lime.
Damask Rose precious face oil.
Rose petal facial mask made of rose petal powder with honey and sandalwood for rich hydration, radiance and anti-wrinkle action.
Orange peel powder facial mask made of orange peel powder with coconut oil and lime for hydration, cleansing and skin whitening .
Ritual of Ayuverda, rich facial and body scrub , totally natural with spices, cedar, orange, rose, turmeric, cocoa, coconut oil and brown sugar, for deep cleansing and intense moisturizing
Jasmine hair oil with jasmine and ylang -ylang aroma, for deep hydration and treatment against dry scalp.
Jasmine body oil, sensual and intensely firming body oil with jasmine and ylang-ylang extracts.
African natural black soap.

White Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Jasmine-Fragrance, Colour (Beta-Carotene), sweet almond oil, ylang – ylang ectracts, orchard fruit extract, vanilla perfumed oil. argan oil, damask rose oil, extra virgin coconut oil

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