The “Purifying Routine” pack

This amazing “Purifying routine” pack contains three very basics cosmetics for your daily beauty!
Follow these steps on a daily base and you will be surprised by the immediate changes on your face!


Your new healthy, nourished, moisturized skin is just 3 minutes away!


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The “Purifying routine” pack contains:
Extra virgin coconut oil with therapeutic essential oils, 30ml package
The ritual of Ayuverda, our amazing face and body scrub, package of 30 ml
The Ritual of Hammam, black African soap 100% natural, 30ml package
Damask Rose oil, as a gift in a package of 7 ml to get to know it, and finish your routine glowing!

Step 1: Remove makeup and impurities with our Extra Virgin Coconut oil enriched with a variety of therapeutic essential oils
Step 2: Exfoliate gently using “The ritual of Ayuverda” for deep cleansing and extra nourishing to your skin.
Step 3: Remove exceeding oils and get the cleanest and most hydrated skin ever by using our natural, black African soap “The ritual of Hammam”.

Now you are ready to apply your serum!

We highly recommend to nourish your skin with our precious Damask rose oil to absolutely glow!!!