Ritual premium face oil

Drop Into Your Soul

We believe the highest frequency is love. That’s why we love offering products for your everyday rituals that help to elevate your vibration as you adorn the temple that is your body.

A unique silky blend of 7 very potent ingredients, Ame nomade’s special Ritual Oil is made for your daily self love ritual.

Suitable for all skin types, the primary ingredient is our 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil which feels amazing as it penetrates deeply into all seven layers of the skin to leave your face & entire body feeling fresh & alive – without that greasy oily feeling often encountered with most other tropical oils. Combined with Damask Rose, Argan, Ylang – Ylang, Baobab and Avocado oil, this blend is designed to detoxify the skin, reduce fine lines, and renew the skin’s natural glow, while the luxurious oils will also firm and restore skin suppleness, resilience and youthful radiance, for truly younger and more beautiful looking skin.

We infuse it with Blue Lotus Essential oil. Breathing in the delightful scent awakens the senses by activating the Crown Chakra and helps to bring in a unifying, calming & centered feel that lifts the mood to instantly clear away tensed feelings.


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Do Your Ritual
Take a moment to drop into yourself.

Dispense a small amount of the Ame Nomade’s Ritual Face Oil onto the palm of your hand and begin to rub your hands together.
Inhale deeply the pleasant scent of the Blue Lotus essential oil, allowing it to activate your senses, clearing away the cobwebs in your brain and bringing you back to center.

Close the eyes and proceed to lather into your face, neck and body, bringing your awareness to the surface of the skin, as you whisper sweet nothings to yourself and choose to consciously send love into your body through the pores of your skin.

For best results, apply morning and night to clean damp skin after washing your face or having a shower.

*For topical use only.




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