Black African Soap

Transform your bathroom into an authentic Turkish bath with our innovative moroccan black soap. The soap  gives your skin a deep cleansing and makes it wonderfully soft.


Moroccan Black Soap; or Beldi soap is a dark creamy texture with a modest lather used in the Traditional Hammam Ritual to remove toxins from the body and prepare the skin for exfoliation. Moroccan Black Soap is a 100% natural plant product. The dough is based on an olive oil pulp. With its anti-microbial properties, Moroccan Black Soap is rich in Vitamin E which helps relieve itching due to excess of dry dead skin and blocked pores, refresh the skin and dehydration. It purifies the skin by eliminating dead skin cells and toxins.


The black soap is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and mature skin. Also ideal for people who have acne breakouts and dark spots among others. The soap itself is really versatile and flexible when it comes to skin care usage. It can also be used as a shampoo or makeup remover. Aside from the benefits we mentioned above, the black soap is also a great remedy to use if you have problems with facial and/or body acne, razor bumps and bacteria. The black soap is a great weapon to have in your arsenal to battle against many skin care problems. You can order it plain, or perfumed with eucalyptus extracts or rose extracts.


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Take a hot shower.
Massage your body with the black soap for 5 to 10 minutes using an exfoliating glove.
Then use the Ayuverdic scrub or rinse your body until all remnants of the soap have been removed.
Then apply the Argan  oil enriched with vitamin E or a soothing body cream on your body.

Water, Olive Oil, Black Olive Extract, Potassium Hydroxide, natural perfume oils

150 gr