Ylang Ylang natural oil with jasmine essential oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is derived from the steam distillated flowers of the Cananga odorata botanical.


If your skin is mature and sensitive, then this is exactly what you need for your face and body. You will love the results not only on your skin, but also mentally. So use it and benefit in many ways of this miraculous rare blend!


Used in aromatherapy applications, Ylang Ylang Oil soothes stress, anxiety, sadness, tension, and sleeplessness. Its aphrodisiac quality is reputed to boost the libido to enhance sensuality between a couple.


Used cosmetically or topically in general, Ylang Ylang Oil is known to balance and regulate oil production in the skin and hair, while also soothing inflammation and irritation. It enhances circulation, encourages the growth of new skin and hair, contributes and maintains hydration, conditions, and prevents infections.


This essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, but can also help to regenerate the skin cells and help smooth out fine lines while improving elasticity. It’s another great choice for wrinkle reduction.


Used medicinally, Ylang Ylang Oil effectively facilitates the healing of wounds, enhances the health of the nervous system, reduces the stress exerted on the nerves, balances blood pressure levels, and stabilizes the heart rate.


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For an aromatherapy blend that naturally enhances energy by addressing problems like constant tiredness, fatigue, body aches, and exhaustion, diffuse 2-3 drops of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil in an essential oil burner.
Alternatively a single drop can be added to bedsheets or to a small area of clothing.
To reduce the signs of aging, to soothe irritation, and to generally protect the skin, simply dilute 1-2 drops of Ylang Ylang Oil in 1 Tbsp., then gently massage it into the face before sleeping.
To create a relaxing aromatic bath that is simultaneously romantic, combine 15 drops Ylang Ylang Oil and 2 cups Dead Sea Salt in a glass bowl. Soak in this calming and balancing bath for 15-30 minutes to stimulate better circulation and to promote an affectionate mood.
For a conditioning hair treatment that enhances the health, luster, and texture of strands, mix 2-3 drops of Ylang Ylang Oil into a 2 Tbsp. of Coconut Carrier Oil. Next, massage this blend into the scalp and smooth it down over the strands to the hair ends to prevent tangles, to soothe dandruff, and to reduce the chances of hair loss.
For a moisturizing and oil-balancing face cream with antioxidant effects, 1-2 drops of Ylang Ylang Oil can be added to a usual face cream 1-2 times daily.
For a nourishing and hydrating body lotion that lifts, tones, protects and promotes the faster healing of skin1-2 drops of Ylang Ylang Oil can be added to your usual body lotion.
To stimulate circulation, ease pain and inflammation, and soothe mental ailments such as nervousness and sadness, use it as a usual massage oil.

Linalool, Geranyl acetate, Germacrene-D, beta-Caryophyllene, Benzyl acetate, Geraniol, Methyl p-Cresol, Methyl benzoate, Geranyl acetate, Farnasene, and Benzyl benzoate.


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