Our Story

I have always been a dreamer. Since I remember myself I was fascinated by distant places, enchanted kingdoms and oriental atmospheres. I could close my eyes and literally smell the exotic scent of sandalwood and jasmine, I could get lost in the oriental sounds of Sitar, I could even feel the desert sand among my toes…

I studied architecture and have been working as an architect – designer in Athens for over ten years. Then I was blessed (and brave) enough to install in Brussels, a city open to diversity, that stimulated my imagination through inspiring encounters and beautiful places. Brussels showed me the way to evolve, to seek for beauty in everything I do, and to follow my dreams. At Brussels I got connected with the Moroccan culture and that is how “Âme Nomade” was born..

Fascinated by the elegant simplicity of the berber culture, so pure and natural, I created this brand to inspire women to LIVE and immerse in a different world. Âme Nomade was created as an expression of the divinity that lies within all women, to inspire them to get actively engaged with their highest self and vision.

Not long after that first beginning, I stepped into the unknown, and into the most intense and enchanting experience of my life. Over the years I have been very fortunate to have nurtured beautiful connections and strong bonds with locals and expats in Morocco, Bali, Greece and Belgium.

I work on the ground pouring my heart and soul to collect and create the most curated, elegant and authentic pieces, while building a strong global community through support, creativity and inspiration.

Each piece contains a story, it is selected with love and hopefully will inspire you, and constantly remind you that there is a beautiful world out there, waiting for you to discover.. The traditional process of the production is a ‘labor of love’ and a beautiful handcrafted journey that transcends to you.

Today Âme Nomade’s family has expanded. Our journey keeps going, while we grow within the flow. It’s not always easy, but difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.. Sometimes it’s just about taking the first step..

So Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.

Warm regards,
Maria Ntouma

Our vision

Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of ancient cultures, at Âme Nomade we wish to incorporate the eastern philosophy to the western way of life (slow fashion, ayurvedic practices ect) to approach the human nature in a holistic way and explore the connection between body, mind and soul. We wish to create meaningful moments, so that we can find happiness in the smallest of things, whether it is a nice long bath or a homey atmosphere with the rich scents of incense. For us Âme Nomade is not only a selling brand, it’s a life changing experience. At Âme Nomade, we have reimagined the way we relate to nature and to ourselves, in the purest possible way, regardless of our skin type, gender or age.


We believe that respecting the planet and its people is an everlasting process towards the better. Therefore, our green ambition goes through perpetual changes and readjustments to become an ethical and conscious beauty choice. We aim to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. For us being sustainable is about making ethical decisions when facing the sourcing and manufacturing of our products, as well as a long-term commitment to give back to the planet we call home. For our skincare essentials, we use nature’s ingredients and try to transform them as little as possible. Organic, vegan and and cruelty-free. We are advocates for traceability, working with distributors who responsibly source our ingredients, such as Argan from the Moroccan desert.


Our resolve is to create exquisite handcrafted pieces that exist only behind a story of ethics. The artisans who craft our items are people who grew up within this profession having a real know-how in creating unique experiences. They work with passion and withstand time despite the arduous nature of the work. The primary objective of our nomadic workshop is respect for fair trade including a living wage, respect for workers’ rights and the prohibition of child labor.