“behind the brand”

I have always been a dreamer. Since I remember myself I was fascinated by distant places, enchanted kingdoms and oriental atmospheres. I could close my eyes and literally smell the exotic scent of sandalwood and jasmine, I could get lost in the oriental sounds of Sitar, I could even feel the desert sand among my toes…
I studied architecture and have been working as an architect – designer in Athens for over ten years. Then I was blessed (and brave) enough to install in Brussels, a city open to diversity, that stimulated my imagination through inspiring encounters and beautiful places. Brussels showed me the way to evolve, to seek for beauty in everything I do, and to follow my dreams. And that is how “Âme Nomade” was born.
Âme Nomade encapsulates the spirit of a woman open to the beauty of the world, who flourishes through her experiences and encounters, and follows her bliss.
A woman that aligns her life to her deepest dreams and desires.
My  first collection “A Moroccan love affair” as a treasure hunter,  is about  unique soulful pieces  for you and your home by artisans in Morocco. Each piece contains a story, is selected with love and hopefully will inspire you, and constantly remind you that there is a beautiful world out there, waiting for you to discover..

So Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.
I invite you to take this wonderful journey!
Warm regards,
Maria Ntouma
​P.S. Anabel, Afroditi, Koom, I can’t thank you enough for your support.

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