Âme Nomade cosmetics combine naturally derived active ingredients, extracts from plants of the Greek nature, and organic essential oils.
Inspired by the Hippocratic philosophy, we address the individual concerns of each customer’s skin in a comprehensive way.
Each Âme Nomade product has multiple actions: hydration, protection from environmental aggressors, prevention and treatment of signs of aging or other problems, plus – thanks to pure, 100% certified organic essential oils – uplifting, invigoration, relief from tension and stress.
All products are ideal partners that reinforce each other and act synergistically to offer maximum results.
According to an ancient Hindu belief, having good intentions and positive thoughts, saying pleasant words and doing good deeds is the source of good karma. Ancient Wisdom beauty secrets will help you receive the positive vibes of summer throughout the year.
Our refined products are 100% organic, naturally scented with scent that will instantly improve your mood, while when used as part of your daily beauty routine they have amazing results on your skin, face and hair.
Take care of yourself, pay attention to the little things in life and in return you will reap a lot of happiness for your body, mind and soul. Nomadic treasures for you. Unique soulful pieces!


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