A shining sapphire of oriental fragrances

It’s easy to fall, but almost impossible to break from the mystical magic works of blue lotus. Sacred plant of Middle East and Asia, it is the symbol of eternal feminine, beauty and youth. Like a moon glade on a still water stretches to the horizon, blue lotus is a doorway to another reality, leading through chaos and entropy to the balance and enlightenment. Those who fall under its spell will always come back over and over again. A shining sapphire of oriental fragrances, it flows like a fresh river stream forming an absolutely unique truly mind-altering aroma. In Egypt, India and Thailand, it is used as a key of good health.

Âme Nomâde’s Blue Lotus fragrance combines Indian Blue Lotus with Egyptian Jasmine for spiritual uplift, healing and balancing. This blend can also relax the muscle spasm while providing an euphoric sensation. It also has soothing and calming properties.

Spicy oriental – floral – musky

Euphoric – relaxing – intensely erotic – divine