The purity of white linen bringing mental clarity

If Pure Musk was a color, it would be white, similar to the purity of white linen that dries in the sun.. a cool elegance of white flowers and green notes. It gives a green floral fragrance with an almost audible whoosh of citrusy aldehydes to kick it off. Riding that whoosh is white oud, white musk and green tea that smells like a heap of fresh laundry with the steam iron working overtime and a window open to the garden.

Pure Musk contains white musk extracts widely used for meditation to help bring mental clarity and allows you to concentrate deeply. It can be used during healing processes of mind and emotions due to the enhanced feelings it can evoke. It’s therapeutic healing properties calm emotions, enhance pleasant dreams and friendship. Inhaling this fragrance throughout the day brings vitality as it evokes a sense of energetic connectiveness with those around you.

Soapy musk, floral, powdery, clean

Calming, Refreshing