Warmth and subtle sweetness evoking a sense of caring

Âme Nomâde’s Rose Powder ethereal blend features an elegant powder note combined with fresh Bulgarian rose and earthy amber, resulting in a warm, unforgettable scent. The notes include terracotta powder accord, iris, tuberose and musk. This powdery scent feels dry yet soft and caring. It also feels luxurious, sophisticated and seductive thanks to its musky and soft floral combinations.

Rose Powder blend has a comforting and clean vibe, giving you a scent that would likely indicate you pamper yourself with great hygiene. The extracts of amber add sweet, spicy, and aromatic notes that are evocative of exotic places, opulent jewelry, and warm memories. Its warmth and subtle sweetness evoke a sense of comfort and indulgence, while they help lower stress and relieve anxiety.

Powdery, vanilla, woody

Ethereal , warming