At a time when giving a name to your decoration no longer really makes sense, living it, feeling it becomes essential. Even magazines now avoid the total look. We are inspired by here and there, a touch of industrial style, a dash of Scandinavian, designer furniture in a bohemian atmosphere, all immersed in our memories and our compulsive shopping. We now compose our decor according to who we are.

For some it is innate. From the start, they have left their way of life guided by their way of decorating and staging. For the others, including myself, the learning took longer and continues to sharpen over the years. And there are those who are not there yet and who may never be. This is where my blog, where the magazines … try to give you some keys. Either you appropriate them so that they become yours, or you let yourself be guided!

And when you break free from certain codes and let yourself go, it sometimes happens that pretty things see the light of day. To express this poetry, in the terms of a new project I was inspired by nordic style and moroccan landscapes.. And it was with amazement that I discovered that the Scandinavian style went wonderfully with the Moroccan decoration. This is all the more disturbing as by the end of this article you will not know where one begins and where the other ends …

We set the scene here in immaculate white. The Scandinavian style is revealed thanks to certain recognizable codes. Raw wood and natural materials settle in with the furniture and decorative accessories.

And when we start to want to decipher, we notice a Beni Ouarain, a Berber carpet from Morocco 100% wool from Marrakech. Still on the floor, we also notice Moroccan poufs, which have now become extremely popular in all types of interiors. Moroccan lanterns made by hand by artisans. The bed is decorated with a beautiful pom-pom plaid, in hand-woven wool. This object has already made the ONE of my Morning Inspirations on Facebook (daily meeting to share at 8am), the famous Moroccan plateau.

These metal trays are made by master metallurgists. Each vintage tray is hand hammered with a unique pattern. Used as a tray, as a coffee table or as a decoration, it is a strong element in the meeting between Scandinavian decor and Morocco!

The lightings will sometimes be Scandinavian style such as suspensions in natural materials, rattan, bamboo, sisal, cotton… Sometimes Moroccan suspensions in finely perforated brass which will give your evenings areas of miles and a night.

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